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This Week in Wrestling History: A look back At the 2008 Lockdown pay-per-view

The year is 2008 and IMPACT Wrestling is having its massive, worldwide Pay-Per-View, Lockdown, which has come to be known as one of the most popular PPVs of the year.

Impact Wrestling produced a memorable Lockdown back in 2008

In April 2008, lots of incredible matches were on the docket, including Gail Kim and ODB successfully pinning Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed, and Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweight Title, but one of the most talked about of the night was the incredible “Lethal Lockdown” match.

This thrilling 10-man tag match features some of the most talented wrestlers on the IMPACT Wrestling roster at the time, including legendary names like AJ Styles, James Storm, Matt Morgan, and Sting. One team consisted of powerhouse players Christian Cage, Kevin Nash, Matt Morgan, Rhino and Sting, while the other included the talents of AJ Styles, Brother Devon, Brother Ray, James Storm and Tomko.

The battle was brutal, as one could imagine with the strong-willed, high-intensity men that were competing in the “Lethal Lockdown” challenge, however, the team of Cage, Nash, Morgan, Rhino and Sting were able to pull out the victory. The crash through the table by Christian Cage and AJ Styles is one of the highlights of the match, and still talked about by fans around the world today.

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