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5 Facts You Might Not Know About IMPACT Wrestling’s Bound For Glory

The latest edition of IMPACT Wrestling’s Bound for Glory is just around the corner and the pay-per-view has a rich history when we look back. And to warm you up for the upcoming show, here are some facts that you might not know.

Johnny IMPACT vs. Eli Drake will headline the show
  1. The Very First Bound For Glory Took Place 12 Years Ago

Inaugural Bound For Glory (BFG) event was held on October 23, 2005, from the IMPACT Zone in Orlando, FL. The event was widely touted as a major success for the company, as the IMPACT Zone was at full capacity that night.

  1. Japan Has Hosted the Major PPV Event

Some people may think that Bound For Glory 2017 being held in Canada is an international milestone as the first country outside of the United States to host the major Pay-Per-View event. However, In 2014, BFG was held in Japan! The event took place at the Korakuen Hall in Tokyo to a crowd full of excited wrestling fans.

  1. Sting Has Competed For The World Heavyweight Championship At Bound For Glory More Times Than Any Other Wrester

Although Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy are close seconds, Sting has defended and/or competed for the World Heavyweight Championship in the Main Event at Bound For Glory more than any other wrestler in the company’s history. He has been in the Main Event as a competitor four times over the event’s 12-year history.

  1. At Bound For Glory in 2016, The Inaugural IMPACT Grand Champion Was Decided

Last year’s Bound For Glory had an exciting twist on the docket. The very first IMPACT Grand Champion was crowned from the IMPACT Zone in Orlando, FL. It was a tournament style match between Eddie Edwards and Aron Rex. After three hard-fought rounds, Aron Rex was the winner by split decision from three judges.

  1. Johnny IMPACT vs. Eli Drake In The Bound For Glory 2017 Main Event

It was decided on IMPACT Wrestling in mid-October 2017, that Johnny IMPACT would become the #1 Contender for the IMPACT Championship. Johnny IMPACT will compete to take the World Championship away from the current reigning Champion, Eli Drake. If Johnny IMPACT succeeds, this will be his first reign as the IMPACT Champion.


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