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Name : Bobby Martins

A football lover, Die Hard Newcastle United Fan and keen supporter of the Indian Football Team.Originally a financial professional but now a content Restaurateur. Tends to dwell in the nitty gritties of team tactics and formations whether its 4-3- 2-1 or 4-4- 2. Appreciates a good football banter. Still plays a fantasy team with Bhutia and Vijayan upfront when the nostalgic side of me wanders.

Name : Chiranjit Ojha

Date of Birth : 02-03-1988

A wanderer, avid reader, storyteller, and neck-deep follower of Indian Football, Ojha is an authority on the subject. Loves to experience new places, people and events, and keep those moments alive through his incisive and analytical pieces in The Fan Garage. Boasts a sizeable number of admirers because of his strong views and daily sermons on the the TFG Football Podcast. A Bangla sci-fi novelist, in the real world he covers matches live, and writes Sunburnt Terrace, a rave-and-rant on growing Football in India.

Name : Kevin Barboza

A certified Football coach, Kevin brings technical knowledge to The Fan Garage articles and podcast. An enthusiast who loves writing; mutes irritating commentary while watching and analysing games on TV. Loves training newbies, and spends time sharing why the world is better place because of the Beautiful Game.

Name : Ratish Menon

Date of Birth : 13-05-1984

A lifelong dreamer and a confused soul, the one thing he isn't confused about is his affection for all things Combat. Mostly neutral on things, Ratish will take sides with passion if his favorites are involved in the discussion. With Indian MMA on the rise, Ratish is closely involved with multiple stakeholders while documenting the growth of the sport.

Name : Renjith Ravindran

Date of Birth : 29-06-1994

An engineer by luck and sports writer by passion, Renjith has been covering various sports for almost half a decade. He has received praise from the likes of WWE superstars Paul Heyman and Natalya for his work, and has also interviewed some big names in the business. He is constantly looking out for creative challenges that excites him and finds beauty in the art of Combat Sports.

Name : Sangam Shukla

I'm a football fanatic as well as a hardcore MMA and Pro-wrestling enthusiast.Have a great and undying love for Manchester United.

An engineering dropout who discovered his true calling in Journalism, I dream of becoming one of the biggest sports journalists in the country.

Name : Siju Mathew

Date of Birth : 08-11-1994

The Fan Garage's expert on all things Badminton, Siju is a football player who moved from the field to the writing desk in her aim to be associated with the world of sports at all times. While on the Football front she hosts TFG's daily podcast, Siju is more busy tracking the happenings with India's shuttlers. A keen observer of the game, Siju boasts of a strong contact with most of the leading Badminton players.

Name : TFG Fantasy Pundit

Date of Birth : 10-07-1985

Call him 'Guru' or 'Pundit', our in-house fantasy cricket expert- true to his tag, gets himself immersed in the world of cricket. From, Tests, ODI's & T20s to domestic and international games, he gets into the intricacies of the game and helps fellow fantasy cricket addicts with some interesting tips & tricks. With a penchant for fantasy stats, he also digs up some revealing numbers. And yes, unlike many Pundits, our man doesn't believe in Rahu, Ketu or any Vastu while creating fantasy teams.

Name : TFG Team

The Fan Garage (TFG), a division of Sports & Entertainment Development LLP, aims to be the leading online and offline destination for fans of sports teams and players. TFG brings alive everything that sports fans want to experience about their favourite teams and players. Patrons of TFG access real-time information, focused editorial, audio, and video content created by our team of excellent writers, producers, and columnists through our personalized website, channel, and podcasts. TFG provides incisive analysis about various aspects related to a sport, so that fans are aware of the dynamics influencing their idols and teams, and their performance. Our daily newsletter, TFG TIMEs, brings into the fan's inbox an overview of the sports landscape with special emphasis on teams and players. 

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Name : Vivek Krishnan

Date of Birth : 27-08-1985

Vivek couldn't play Cricket or Tennis at the highest level, but found solace in writing & talking about his favourite sports. From contributing stories for leading newspapers & magazines in the country to being an integral part of the Mumbai Indians website, the fan in him found his calling at The Fan Garage. And yes, he has been a Fantasy Cricket addict too since its inception. One of the winners in Super Selector during the inaugural IPL season, he leads TFG's Fantasy Pundit offerings, which are lapped daily by enthusiasts. A proud collector of Cricket & Tennis literature, he loves travelling to iconic sporting arenas around the world.

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