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#TFGInterview: Bobby Lashley talks MMA fighters coming To Impact, Anthem talking over and more

BACK IN JANUARY, Bobby Lashley captured the Impact World Heavyweight Championship from Eddie Edwards to kick start his fourth reign with the title.

Bobby is the reigning Impact World Heavyweight Champion

The 30-minute Iron man match that he had with Edwards is still one of the major highlights of 2017 for Impact. After starting the year on such a good note, Bobby has managed to keep the momentum going.

And he believes that his ability to work with anyone could be one of the reasons for his consistent performance.

Bobby Lashley: I’m comfortable with anyone because I could control things in ring. It doesn’t matter who they put me in the ring with, it’s the same thing.

Bobby has been on the Impact roster for the past three years after returning to the promotion back in 2014. Though Impact has seen some major changes over the course, Bobby feels that a lot of the things are still the same.

Bobby Lashley: The only thing that changed was the management. The roster has been pretty same. There have been some minor changes here and there but as far as how much we work and how hard we work, all that’s just the same. And it’s a great time and we are only getting better. Right now, everything we’ve been doing has been on point. I would like to see some guys come in and mix it up a bit. But outside of that, you just have to go with what we have.

Over the course of this run, Lashley has locked horns with almost all the major names on Impact’s current roster. Despite this, he feels that there are some more matches that the fans would love to see.

Bobby Lashley: There are one or two matches that everybody wants to see me in. But I’m going to make a great match with anybody. There’s going to be more people coming in and also we have some great talent on the roster as well. So I’m ready for anyone they are planning to bring.

Currently, Lashley is having his second spell with Impact. His first run with the company came in 2009. Though he has wrestled all across the globe, Lashley finds a sense of comfort in Impact, which is perhaps why he came back for the second stint.

Bobby Lashley: We are a bit more comfortable. We get to go out there, have some fun and get to do what we have to do. Since we had the opportunity to do that, we’ve had some great matches so far. I’m not saying that other organizations limit that. I’m just saying that we have a little more creative control of what’s going us with us.

What ended Lashley’s first run with Impact was his career in MMA. Currently working with Bellator, Lashley has a professional record of 15-2 to his name. And this is perhaps why the fans got excited when MMA fighter Josh Barnett came into Impact Wrestling to lock horns with Lashley. Lashley got the better of Barnett and he wants more MMA fighters in Impact.

Bobby Lashley:  Everyone one of them. The more people that come, the more people I beat and the more popular I get. Josh came in, I beat him and he left. So who’s next?

‘Who’s next?’ is a question that all the Impact Wrestling fans out there have. With both Bobby wrestling and MMA careers going very well, it’s a significant question as well.

Bonus: Bobby on his love for acting.

I love it [acting]. And there’s a lot more to come. I definitely want to go there and be there as much as possible.

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