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#TFGinterview: Mahabali Shera is ready to bring the Impact World Championship to India

The beauty of professional wrestling resides in storytelling. Luckily for the fans, the wrestling business has never failed in giving some heart-warming stories throughout its existence. Stories of betrayal, stories of triumph, stories of redemption, so on and so forth.

Shera has an inspiring story

While all these came thanks to the in-ring performances of the wrestlers involved, there are some inspiring fairy tale stories that materialized outside the ring.

Mahabali Shera has one such story. A few years back, he was just a boy in Punjab that wanted to make it into the professional wrestling business. It was a long shot but Shera was certain about one thing: He wanted to be an icon for his parents, Punjab and his country.

Despite the odds being stacked against him, an amalgam of factors helped him in climbing the ladder; sheer determination and hard work being the most important ones. Now, as Impact Wrestling is in India for a historic event, Shera is one of the reasons why the fans will tune into the show.

It is nothing less than a fairytale story and Shera was struggling to express his happiness in words.

Mahabali Shera:  You have no idea how much I’m excited [to return to India]. I was waiting for this moment for almost two years. This is a big deal for me. They brought me in for India and I wanted to showcase myself in India. I’ve been in Mumbai for almost 15 days and every single day I couldn’t sleep because I’m so excited about the show.

Obviously, I missed India. Fans used to ask me when I’m coming back and when we will hold shows here as they wanted to see us in India. My Family is also excited to see me. Actually, I went there and represented India, put in a lot of hard work and it feels more exciting to come back after all that.

The return to India is clearly an exciting prospect for Shera and it’s not surprising that he wants to share the joy with his fellow Impact Wrestling superstars and fans.

Mahabali Shera: This is my home country.  I want to show them [fellow Impact superstars] my country. Also, I want people to come in and see wrestling shows. The new kids should come into wrestling in the right way and stay away from the bad things.

Though excitement is an emotion that overpowers the rest, it is not deterring the burning determination inside Shera. He is slowly climbing up the ranks of Impact Wrestling and is not bothered by the obstacles in front of him.  

Mahabali Shera: I had a lot of matches in the past and haven’t really thought about a dream match actually. I just want to prove myself and work hard. It doesn’t matter who is in front of me. I just want to do something new and different. There are so many good wrestlers in the Impact roster and everyone is like in a different level. And I just, I don’t care. I can beat anyone.

And one of the reasons behind Shera’s confidence is the fan base that he has in India. The fans express their desire through Social Media and Shera tries his best to live up to the expectations.  

Mahabali Shera:  Indian wrestling fans want to see the Indian wrestlers get the better of the American wrestlers. I get comments on Facebook and Instagram saying ‘beat him beat him to bring the belt here’ and I just try, you know. The fans are really serious about the whole wrestling thing. I just try to win and make them happy.

This fan base is bound to explode when Shera wins a major title in Impact Wrestling. Winning the Impact World Heavyweight Championship, in particular, would be a huge moment for the Indian. When asked about the same, he had the following to say.

Mahabali Shera: Very soon. I’m putting hard work and definitely, you can see me win the belt soon

When the moment comes around, it is bound to be a proud moment for the whole nation. But most importantly, it would be another inspiring chapter in the fairy tale story of Mahabali Shera.

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BONUS: Mahabali Shera on his love for Bollywood:

“I’m a big fan of Bollywood. I just watched Hindi Medium and Bahubali. I love to watch movies and I somehow find time to watch them. My favorite stars in Bollywood are Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan. I already met them. Bajrangi Bhaijaan is a movie that I loved very much.”

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