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FAQ on Wallet & Credits

What are credits?
Credits are virtual points which a user will use to read a premium article on TFG websites.

What is the value of 1 credit?
1 Credit has a value equal 1 Rs.

How do I check my account balance?
The balance in your TFG wallet will be displayed on the top of your screen to the left of "My Account" tab.

Wallet to the left of MY ACCOUNT

How can I buy credits?
Buying credits is very simple, after logging in by just hovering over "My Account" tab you will see "Buy Credit" section, as shown in the below image

Buy Credits tab under My Accounts

After clicking on Buy credit, you will be prompted with a page which will show different baskets of credits, you can either choose from them or can type in the value that you like in choose customised credits section.

Different baskets of Credits to buy from

You can buy these credits by either using PayTm wallet, Debit card, Credit Card or Net banking. If you have any payment related queries, please feel free to reach us from the Contact Us page.

Can I buy credits for any one article?

Yes you can, all you have to do is to select a premium article, after which you will be prompted to either signup or login

Prompt to signup or login

After logging in, it will ask you to pay the required credit to read the complete article.

Required credits to read the article

Since you have zero credits in your account, you will have to buy credits to read this article, by clicking on buy you will be landed on buy credits for a single article option

Buy credits for single article

Also by scrolling down, you will be given the option to choose credits from various basket as defined in the previous question.

Is it safe to pay through your website?
Absolutely! To ensure that all payments are safe and secure, we use reputed and verified third party payment gateways that have multiple security checks and comply with every single law on online transactions.

How do I get notification for my transaction?
For all successful transactions, you will get a confirmation invoice and your wallet will be recharged automatically.

What if the payment is deducted from my card and not updated in the TFG wallet?
Don’t worry, your money is safe. This usually happens when there is a delay in communication from the bank’s end, or if there’s an interruption when the transaction is being processed. Please reach out to us from the Contact Us page with your card/bank statement screenshot which confirms the debit of your transaction amount, so that we can check and address your concern.

How long does it take for my deposited amount to be credited into my TFG wallet account balance?
Once you have made the deposit, your TFG wallet account balance will be updated immediately! If the updated balance is not reflected in your account, please reach out to us from the Contact Us page.

Can I withdraw credits from my ‘Unutilized’ Account (Deposits)?
The number of credits deposited in your ‘Unutilized’ Account can only be used to read premium articles on TFG website. This cannot be withdrawn to your bank account for any reason whatsoever.

Does the amount in my ‘Unutilized’ Account have any expiry date?
All amounts credited to your ‘Unutilized’ account must be utilized within 365 days of credit. In case any unutilized amount lies in the account after 365 days from the date of credit of such amount, TFG reserves the right to forfeit such unutilized amount, without liability or obligation to pay any compensation to you. Please check our Terms & Conditions for detailed information on this aspect.

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