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This week in Impact history: Angelina Love wins the knockouts Title on pure luck

Eight women competed in a Lockbox Challenge. The stakes were high for Angelina Love, Daffney, Tara, Velvet Sky, Hamada, Lacey Von Erich, Madison Rayne and ODB, as 4 different boxes were up for grabs, each containing a different item: Tara’s pet spider, a striptease, an open contract for any match of the winner’s choosing and the prestigious Knockouts Title.

Angelina captured the gold

The Knockouts competed in a tag team match, where the winners of each competition got a key to unlock one of the 4 boxes. It was left completely up to fate on which woman got the Knockouts Championship, for which they were all vying.

The four winners of the Lockbox Challenge were Angelina Love, Daffney, Tara and Velvet Sky. Velvet won the open contract, Daffney got the striptease, Tara got her pet spider back and Angelina won the Knockouts Title.

While luck favored Angelina in the Lockbox Challenge, her impressive talent has clearly been the narrative of her title wins, as Angelina is a record tying six-time Knockouts Champion.


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