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Oscar Bruzon believes Mumbai FC could have finished higher with quality foreigners

MUMBAI HAVE BEEN RELEGATED before playing the last game and since then there have been reports that a couple of players have been released.

Oscar replied to a question on the same and he confirmed,

"Two of Brazilian players have been released a couple of weeks back"

If Mumbai FC could still put up a good fight in the game against East Bengal, Oscar was of the view that they have to do without the deficit of foreigners and rely of the strengths of the Indian players. He continued,

"Our problem is that we have a deficit of foreigners. We are demonstrating with the Indian players practice by practice and game by game. May be the dependence of Mumbai this season has been the foreigners"

Oscar shared his assessment of the Mumbai FC team from a coaches perspective saying,

"This team could have been at the top of the league with a good set of foreigners. Where the team is lacking is not with the Indian players or technology or practice but just the bad luck when it comes to selection of foreign players."

Oscar continued,

"If we continued playing like we did in the last month or so, we could be much higher in the table. We did not have luck with others games and even games at Cooperage. We could have had control of the game but could not finish them. In the last third, foreigners are important and we were lacking. I'm really happy with the the work of the team and they are fighting to give the win for the club. We have the big chance to do that against one of the biggest teams in India East Bengal and it is a big source of motivation for us. The season is not over yet and we have one match to go"

What drives Oscar and the team to play out the last game when there was really nothing to play for, the Mumbai FC coach replied saying,

"When is prestige and honour of the club is at stake, we have the responsibility of fighting as hard as possible.For us tomorrow, there is chance not to finish last in the last in the table of one of our objectives, the first one was not to get relegated, the next objective was to play in the Federation Cup. This I think is enough to take this game very very seriously"

Oscar, answering a question on his future at the club said there were no talks beyond the season and he will have to wait till the season gets over. He also threw light on an important issue that has plagued many Indian clubs in the past saying,

"There has been a lot of bad news hearing about clubs shutting down and I hope Mumbai FC does not take that trend because we have the players, we have the infrastructure, managers, technology, supporting staff, we have the media showing this a real club but just having the bad luck of being in the position is not what we have wished or wanted"

Clyde Fernandes was present with the coach for the press conference and he answered his learning of the season saying,

"I have learnt a lot. We have always been fighting relegation. We have been at the bottom of the table and come out of it many times."

Clyde was put on the spot after he was asked if he saw major differences after Oscar came in the coaches' role and there has been an improvement in the psychological aspect of the players as well and it is seen in the practices and the dressing room as well.

Bruzon was posed a question where he was asked if there was anything that did not work out in the previous game he was in charge and wanted to rectify in the coming game and he responded affirming,


"Yes definitely. The first thing that I did with the team was being consistent at the back. We were conceding more goals than anyone in the I-League and in the last three games we have completely solved that problem. We have conceded just one goal in the three games."

The Mumbai FC coach continued,

"In the last game,and we conceded a goal as I tried to push the team a little up. As this game is a work in progress and I can promise you that the game against East Bengal we will go for the win. In the last part of few weeks were working on the attack part of the game. This is improvable is terms of foreigners. But the guys are doing great and I don't have anything to complain about the group of Indians which are trying and scored one goal and in our last game hopefully we can improve that"

Talking about injuries, Oscar mentioned the squad did not have any player missing due to injury and the squad will be similar to that played in the last game.

Oscar Bruzon said East Bengal have also come here to win the match and for Mumbai FC the three points of this game was a matter of honour, pride and respect to the club.

The Mumbai FC vs East Bengal match is scheduled at 07:00 PM and will be telecast live on Ten 1.

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