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Mumbai FC fans start online petition to prevent closure after rumours of club shutting shop rise

TEN YEARS after Mumbai FC came into existence, the club is said to be nearing closure of all of its businesses.

This news has got all the die-hard fans all very anxious and an online petition has been started to prevent this from happening. In the year 2007, the club entered I-League second division and since then has had multiple success and won the second division to get promoted to the top flight of national football. Last year, the club, even launched their own academy giving hope for aspiring young footballers to aim to get into playing football professionally in the future.

The club, being the only one from Mumbai after clubs like popular clubs Mahindra United shut shop has enjoyed decent support from the fans. Although the support has not been stands-full but it has been ever-growing as the club fought its battle in order to keep its neck over relegation waters time and again. The Cooperage became a fortress for Mumbaikars over the years which also lead to the formation of the famed Yellow Brigade.

The Yellow Brigade has made themselves known on the stands and in the online world as well. The healthy rivalries between Mumbai FC and the bigger clubs like Mohun Bagan, East Bengal and Bengaluru FC became a treat for all to follow. Clubs had a tough time to come to the Cooperage and get away points thanks to the fighting spirit of the teams under former Mumbai FC player and manager Khalid Jamil. He had earned the respect from local fans.

But in the year 2016, after about seven years as manager and one of the longest serving in the country, Mumbai FC let go of Khalid. Fans, even after Khalid’s departure, flocked the stadium. The management made some bold decisions, getting in Santosh Kashyap, letting go of fans-loved players like Jayesh Rane and Ashustosh Rane. The season was the worst for the club, fixated at the bottom of the table for most time. The fans stood by at that moment as well.

Things started getting worse when rumours of Kashyap sacking well known players like Steven Dias and Pratik came ashore. There were also rumours of Kashyap ill-treating players. This time the fans did not just stand by for the club but started a campaign of demanding answers from the club management and asked for the sacking of Kashyap. There was an uproar in the footballing world as Kashyap retaliated by giving a piece of his mind for the fans.

Finally, the fans got what they wanted and Kashyap was sacked. Oscar Bruzon came in for the remaining four games. He could not help save the club from getting relegated. Now the rumour of the club closing down all of its businesses has devastated the fans who have stood by the club through thick and thin. They ask for the club to stay and continue playing football for the city, its many budding footballers and fans alike.

Here is the tweet by the Yellow Brigade containing the online petition link.

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