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Rahul Dravid shares his journey through his mother's scrapbook

A PROUD MOMENT for any parent would include the day when their child's name first appears in newspapers for some good achievement while he is still in school. As their child makes it big, there would then be countless occasions where this happens. But it is rare that a parent saves all the clips which gives fans a glimpse into the formative years of their idol.

Recently Rahul Dravid uploaded a video via 'vimeo', which shows all the paper cuttings of all the times when the legendary Indian cricketer and mentor for Rajasthan Royals in the IPL made it in print. His mother has kept this safely with her all these years.

The video entitled "My Mother's Scrapbook" takes the viewers towards the making of a gentleman through a proud mother's eyes. Though Dravid has played football, hockey and participated in athletics and won medals for each, the love for one sport, cricket, lasted long and was special to him.

The video also shows how a young Dravid tries to hit some cricketing shots with the bat that is twice his size. He says in the video that during his playing days for Karnataka or his school team, his mother would get sandwiches for everyone in the team and he thought that they kept him in the team because of the sandwiches. But well, the team got the sandwiches and also was blessed to have a player like him on their side who would help them lift many trophies.

His playing days are over but not the association with the game; he still loves the game as he did as a young boy. Just like coach, KK Tharapur, (who was also like a second father to Dravid) who not only stressed on the technical aspects, but also asked his disciple to focus on 'his discipline, punctuality, polished shoes, and a perfect uniform'.  

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