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Asia Cup: Groundsmen become tragic heroes as rain forces India vs Pakistan into reserve day

THE THING EVERYONE was praying for not to happen, happened.

Once again rain played spoilsport during a India vs Pakistan match at the Asia Cup 2023.

The Super Four encounter saw India bat first and get to 147/2 in 24.1 overs when the Colombo sky darkened and down came a torrential rain.

And that's when, instead of Virat Kohli or Babar Azam, everyone in the stadium and watching on TV/internet around the world started rooting for the new heroes of the hour: the ground staff.

The Colombo groundsmen rushed out with the cover to make sure the pitch and outfield don't get too drenched. And once the rain ceased, they got to work to dry up the field so play could resume.

Millions around the world watched with high anticipation as they displayed their excellent footwork while stomping on spunge to soak up the water from a puddle on the ground.

People around the world praised them as they rushed out an innovative device with several fans attached to it, which they used to dry up the ground.

All this while, the umpires paid multiple visits to the middle, inspecting their progress.

And just as things were finally nearing completion, and hours of the groundsmens' effort was finally about to result in the game resuming... down came the rain again.

The match was called off for the day, and will continue on Monday, which is the official reserve day for this all important game.

From the heroes on whom millions had put their hopes, the ground staff of Colombo became the tragic heroes; Shakespearean protagonists who took on the might of nature itself and went down fighting.

The netizens were full of praise for their dedication and work ethics, showing that in cricket, the battleground can be just as important as the battle itself.

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