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Noida Super Kings beat Kanpur in inaugural UPT20 match-up

NOIDA SUPER KINGS won the inaugural match of the Uttar Pradesh T20 tonight, beating Kanpur Superstars by 16 runs.

Noida batted first and it was a competitive innings. Samarth Singh pulled them ahead with a stormy 91 off 58. But the Kanpur bowlers had their say as well with Vivek (1/22) and Jasmer Dhankar (2/30) doing their best to keep the batters on a leash.

In the end Noida posted a score of 169/6; which looked like an achievable target for Kanpur. But this is where Bhuvneshwar Kumar (2/16) took control with some good assistance from Nitish Rana and Prashant Veer.

The Kanpur batters had trouble getting settled, and middle order onwards they just collapsed. In the end they could not get past 153/8.

With a crucial win in the bag, Noida Super Kings are off to a strong start in the 6-team, 33 day inaugural edition of UPT20.

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