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Abhijit Sarkar appointed as Vice President of Asian Hockey Federation

IN A EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING held on 7 February 2017, the Asian Hockey Federation (AHF) has today confirmed the appointment of Mr. Abhijit Sarkar as it’s new Vice Chairman and also the Chairman of the AHF Commercial and TV Committee with immediate effect.
Mr. Abhijit Sarkar has been associated with the Sahara India Pariwar for last 24 years, where he led the group in promoting various sports in India by sponsoring both the Indian National Cricket Team as well as the Indian National Hockey Team. Mr. Sarkar has served as the Head of Corporate Communications, Corporate Affairs and Relations, and the Sports Division at Sahara India Pariwar. His ability to form and execute strategies relating to the promotion of sports in India has played a major role in his appointment as the Vice President of AHF.
Mr. Abhijit Sarkar has also been deeply involved in the development of Indian hockey in recent times, as under his leadership Sahara India bought the Uttar Pradesh Wizards’ franchise in the Coal India Hockey India League.  Earlier this year, Sahara had also renewed its sponsorship with Hockey India until 2021 which includes promoting both the men’s and women’s senior and junior teams. Sarkar’s dedication towards the development of the sport, is one of the key reasons why he has been chosen to take up a position which would see him doing the same for the Asian subcontinent region as a whole.
Speaking on the occasion, Mariamma Koshy President, Hockey India said,

“I would like to congratulate Mr. Abhijit Sarkar for his well-deserved appointment as Vice President of the Asian Hockey Federation. I believe that it is a strong decision of the AHF as Mr. Sarkar's dedication and contribution to the sport has been immense. I am sure under his able leadership and with his rich experience, the Asian Hockey Federation will be able to achieve much success.”

Mr. Abhijit Sarkar further said,

“I am deeply honoured to be selected for this position at the Asian Hockey Federation. Over the years with my deep involvement in the development of the sport, I am keen to support all Asian hockey playing countries to achieve better success and make a mark in the world of hockey.”

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