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#TFGinterview: Hoping to play in IWL after I get my Indian citizenship; would love to play for India, says Tanvie Hans

  • By Siju
  • twitter
  • February 07, 2017

FORMER TOTTENHAM and Fulham player Tanvie Hans, an Indian origin player from UK, has been on a long journey that's on its verge to lead her home.

She's got a bit of English swag (PIC: Tanvie's FB page)

She has applied for the Indian citizenship, with the goal of playing at the Indian Womens' League for FC Pune City and aim for the national team. She was asked by many as to why isn't she playing in IWL. After too many questions and doubts flooded her mind, she took to social media to clear the air. Read her Facebook post below:

TFG caught up with Tanvie over the telephone to get clarity on few things which would also help the readers to know her current status.

Her experience playing for the clubs in UK has developed her as a player and now wants to return to her homeland and display her talent and also contribute.

Tanvie in action for Fulham (PIC: Tanvie's FB page)
Played for Tottenham (PIC: Tanvie's FB page)

About applying for the Indian citizenship she tells us,

"It's been over three months now that I've applied for the citizenship. I knew the rules of IWL and I had already informed the authorities about wanting to play while the preliminary rounds were on."

Sharing her thoughts on the rule, she said, 

"I had informed them that I applied for the citizenship and showed them the receipt. But they didn't accept it then and they haven't even now. I have done everything from my behalf, now the government needs to look into the matter and do the needful."

"Asked them the reason for such a rule and they said that they want to promote Indian talent for now, that's the main focus. They looking for more Indian players so they could be national team prospects. Maybe in the future they will include overseas players but for now focusing only on Indian talent. I think it is a good move for the Indian players," she further added.

When asked if she isn't allowed to play at all, she said,

"I went to Pune and they liked me and all but I'm only allowed to stay with the team at the hotel but no contact with them officially."

She is hopeful of getting the citizenship before the league ends (February 14th). 

"That is the hope that it comes before the league ends and I get to play at least one match for Pune City. There are lot of people trying to help us out with the process, still a couple of steps left which will be done soon. If all that goes smoothly then it is quite possible that I might get it in a week and then I'm ready to play."

With the experience that Tanvie has, she definitely is a national team prospect and when asked if she would want to play, she immediately replied, 

"I'm never going to take for granted that I have a ready spot for me in the national team. The reason that I'm here and working towards the citizenship is definitely to get a chance at playing for the national team. Whatever I've learnt in London and the creativity I have, I want to kinda bring it into the Indian game."

Sharing her thoughts on IWL, she said, 

"It is a good move for the girls here as they will get game time which will help them perform better for the national team. But I think they should consider keeping it longer or else it wouldn't serve the purpose. But nonetheless, the first step has been taken and it is a positive move."

Finally we ended the conversation with her talking in brief about her stint with Fulham and Tottenham,

"I think I really really enjoyed my stint there of course. The structure there is amazing like in one year, I got to play 10 months of football and in three years I got 30 months of football. That helps us to understand the game so much and get better at it."

"With Spurs, they had already immense talent as they are one of the oldest team/academy. But the level of competition was so good that it keeps you on your toes always. The coaching and everything is first class. My mind has a footballer opened up a lot when I moved there and played for them. I didn't break into the first time but I took it as a positive step as it kept pushing me to do my best and at the end of my stint with Spurs I grew a lot as a player."

"I knew my time in London was limited and I wanted to try out new things and new teams. So I moved to Fulham, they were relatively a new team so I got a chance to be one of their lead players. I think I got to learn many different things in both the teams. Both have different backgrounds, history and so much to offer and as for me so much to learn and take away.  I went there as a right winger to London and I'm back with the ability to play left, right wing, defence. I think I have just upped my ability and overall I'm very happy for it."

Before signing off she stated that she would visit Bombay for her citizenship process and informed that she would love to join in an in-length conversation about everything football. So folks you have something to look forward to.

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