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#TFGinterview: Happy with the current form & want to continue the same till the end, says FCPC coach Popovic

IN CONVERSATION with FC Pune City coach Ranko Popovic -- talks about the current run in ISL and wanting to give their best till the end.

February 24, 2018

#TFGinterview: AIFF General Sec. Kushal Das on #OneLeague - 'Things don't get done overnight'

AIFF General Secretary Kushal Das on one league, promotion/relegation and Super Cup

February 23, 2018

#TFGinterview: Arjan Bhullar talks his next fight, Daniel Cormier’s move to Heavyweight and more

Exclusive interview with UFC fighter Arjan Singh Bhullar

February 17, 2018

ISL 2017-18: Exclusive interview with FC Goa head coach Sergio Lobera - Final part

In our second and final part of the exclusive interview with FC Goa coach Sergio Lobera, we explore more about his personal inspiration and ambitions

February 09, 2018

ISL 2017-18: Exclusive interview with FC Goa head coach Sergio Lobera - Part 1

TFG's Bobby Martin sat down with FC Goa coach Sergio Lobera. Read to know more.

February 04, 2018

TFG Interview Podcast: Ranjit Bajaj on Match Fixing Attempts, New Home Ground

THIS INTERVIEW show features Minerva Punjab FC owner Ranjit Bajaj who talks about the match fixing situation & much more.

January 19, 2018

#TFGinterview - Ranjit Bajaj on failed attempts to bribe his players, and match fixing in Indian Football

MINERVA PUNJAB FC OWNER Ranjit Bajaj speaks exclusively to TFG about the incidents that led him to publicly raise an alarm about match fixing attempts against his players

January 18, 2018

#TFGinterview: Ahmed Amir has his eyes on the Brave CF Lightweight Championship

Exclusive Interview with Brave Combat Federation fighter Ahmed Amir

December 23, 2017

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