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Novac Djokovic's father hopes he will retire from professional tennis next year

NOVAC DJOKOVIC'S FATHER hopes the Serbian tennis ace will retire next year.

In a new documentary, 'Novak Djokovic - Untold Stories', Srdjan Djokovic is quoted as saying,

"As far as my wishes for him go, he has already fulfilled them all seven-eight years ago. The rest is this amazing bonus... it's not the end, but in a year-and-a-half let's say... my wish as a father, I think for some time that he should have stopped working this extremely difficult job. It's physically and mentally challenging and very demanding - with him being fully dedicated for 30 years, and not taking his foot off the gas, there is not much time for other things in life."

Novak Djokovic is about to turn 37 soon and he has won an amazing 23 grand slam titles over the last 15 years.

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