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MMA: Superhuman Battleground launches with back to back events

SUPERHUMAN BATTLEGROUND HAS finally begun its journey after multiple delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and they are making up for lost time with back to back events.

Late last month, the new combat sports promotion, hosted by the Superhuman Gym in Manipal, held its first event. It featured amateur bouts in a variety of disciplines, including Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Striking MMA (A variation of MMA with limited grappling allowed) and Kickboxing.

You can watch the entire fight card on their Facebook page.

The results from the event are as follows:

MMA: Akeef defeated Purshottam via TKO (1st Round)
MMA: Kesavan M defeated Jins Jose via Unanimous Decisio
Striking MMA: Aryan defeated Vijin M via Split Decision
Kickboxing: Dhanjyoti Rabha defeated Shashank R via KO (1st Round
MMA: Altaf def. Samid Rahman via TKO (1st Round)
Kickboxing: Naveen Kumar def.Sachin Kumar N via Unanimous Decision
Kickboxing: Mahesh Joshi defeated Muhammed Mustafa via Unanimous Decision
Kickboxing: Binu defeated Akshay via Unanimous Decision
Kickboxing: Indiana defeated Ashwini TB via TKO (2nd round)
Striking MMA: Shebin defeated Yashwant M via TKO (2nd Round)
Striking MMA: Abhi Gowda defeated Santosh Reddy via Decision

After their first event, the promotion is also kick-starting its grappling division by organising a two-day Brazilian Jiu Jiutsu event on April 29th & 30th.

Upcomng event poster from Superhuman Battleground

This will be one of the biggest grappling events in India in the post-poandemic era when many of the promotions are still struggling to hold their events in the country.

Sources close to the promotion have confirmed to TFG that if their initial events are well received they will be well on track to implement a regular schedule of grappling, striking and MMA events, including talent hunts, that will focus on developing the next generation of combat sports talent in India by providing a platform where they can frequently compete.

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