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New MMA promotion Superhuman Battleground to debut in November

A NEW MIXED MARTIAL ARTS PROMOTION is about to begin its journey in India this year. Backed by the well-renowed Superhuman Gym from Manipal, the new MMA organization is called Superhuman Battleground.

An official statement from Superhuman Gym said about the new venture,

"As a leading MMA gymnasium of the country, Superhuman Gym has been receiving plenty of requests from fighters to train and compete. Through the founder, Somesh Kamra's network, there weren't too mahy amateur tournaments where a young combat fighter could test their skill and possibly sign up at Superhuman to build their career. Superhuman Battleground will be a professionally organized tournament where fighters would have a chance to work up the ladder and potentially sign up with us to work towards larger promotions."

A promotional poster for Superhuman Battleground

The use of the word 'tournament' suggests that the promotion might use bracketed competitions structures (A la Pride, Bellator, ONE etc) to pit fighters against each other, providing a clear path for champions to emerge, who can then try their luck at a bigger stage.

Developing young fighter for a career at the more established promotions appears to be a central focus for Superhuman Battleground. The official statement elaborates,

"Since we see a huge vacuum in that sector, we started working on the Event idea a few months back. Our team has chalked out monthly events at Superhuman Gym focussing on giving amateurs a platform to perform and professionals to build their records."

The organization has also announced the appointment of Kushal Vyas, a prominent MMA fighter with an 11-5 record who recently fought and won at the Soul of Warriors 2 event, as their star matchmaker,

"We are keeping the registrations open for all kind of fighters. We are looking for the next MMA star from India. The matchmaker for Battleground is Kushal Vyas. We will be discussing all talent with him before developing the fight card."

The first event for Superhuman Battleground will take place on 6th November 2021, with the Superhuman Gym in Manipal hosting the promotional debut.

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