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BATC 2018: Indian eves and men's team end their campaign in QF

THE INDIAN eves and men's team displayed some great performances at the Badminton Asia Team Championships but it came to an end with defeats in the quarter-finals against Indonesia and China.

The women's team were placed in Group W along with Japan and Hong Kong while the men were in Group D with Indonesia, Maldives and Philippines.

The women's team defeated Hong Kong 3-2 while lost to Japan 4-1 and Indonesia 3-1. But they secured second place with that one win and sealed a spot in the quarters which helped them qualify for Uber Cup.

The men's side trumped Philippines and Maldives 5-0 while lost to Indonesia 2-3 and China 1-3. Their quarter-final entry gained them a spot in Thomas Cup.

But both failed to enter the semi-finals of BATC. The women's and men's team put up a tough fight against their opponents but went down fighting 1-3 to Indonesia and China.

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