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Legends & champions produce high quality tennis, but no fans to see those serves & volleys

THE SECOND EDITION of the Champions Tennis League kicked-off at the Maharashtra State Lawn Tennis Association (MSLTA) courts in Mumbai yesterday and it was the visitors, Punjab Marshalls who trumped the hosts Mumbai Tennis Masters in the opener. 

In terms of the quality of tennis, both teams put on an all-round display of skill and power. Moreover, all the five sets went down to the wire and brought smiles to the faces of the organizers. It was also heartening to see fans of both teams screaming and applauding the artistry of players on court. 

However, the only blemish for brand CTL from yesterday’s match was the disturbing sight of empty seats in the stadium. Surprisingly too, as the interest levels for tennis in Mumbai is quite high and it shouldn't take much to fill up the MSLTA. 

Given the high-octane clash from current and former pros, the relatively cold response from fans not flocking to the courts might have left the organizers in a little spot of bother. That said, the biggest positive for the organising committee was the fact that the fans present at the stadium were glued to their seats till the last point was exchanged. 

The organizers also did a good job of greeting and welcoming the fans on the court and also distributed Mumbai Tennis Masters’ jerseys to help them cheer for the home team. 

Considering the riveting action that was on display on the inaugural day, one would have expected a better response from the crowd, and hopefully more fans will fill up the empty seats in the stadium.

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