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PWL unveils the names and owners of the 6 franchises for the inaugural edition

PROSPORTIFY, the organizers and promoters for the first edition of Pro Wrestling League has unveiled the names and owners of its six franchises. The tournament that is set to begin December 10th will see six franchises with some world class grapplers in their fold. The names of the six franchises are:

  • Delhi Veer: GMR Group
  • Bangalore Yodhha : JSW Group
  • CDR Punjab Royals: CDR Group & Legendary Dharmendra
  • UP Warriors: Lotus Greens
  • Haryana Hammers: Olive Global
  • Mumbaiche Garude  : Maverick Industries, Mafatlal, Garudacharya

Commenting on the announcement, Kartikeya Sharma, CMD, ProSportify said,

“The time is right for the wrestlers in the country and we are excited to launch our six teams for the inaugural edition of PWL.  We welcome aboard our team owners and hope for a successful season 1 of PWL.”

Quotes from Franchise owners:

Delhi Veer: GMR Group

“Long-term partnerships work best for both the brand and the team, where they draw from each other’s vigour. We are glad to be a part of the world’s richest wrestling league ever being conducted by ProSportify in association with Wrestling Federation of India. We see this as the beginning of a longer and bigger association same as we have with IPL.”

Bangalore Yodhha : JSW Group

“Wrestling is a sport that promotes hard work, commitment, competition and excellence, values which we also share. We are proud to be a part of India’s first edition of Pro Wrestling league that is dedicated to nurturing the next generation grapplers. We look forward to a splendid first season and many more to come.” 

CDR Punjab Royals: CDR Group & Legendary Dharmendra 

“We are very happy for our consortium of Dharmendra ji and CDR Group as we finally have a team to call our own in this amazing tournament. We have an incredible team and look forward to play the first edition of PWL.”

UP Warriors: Lotus Greens

“It gives us immense happiness to be a part of PWL and we are sure, with the kind of players we have in the first edition, it’s going to be a super exciting tournament for the country. 

Haryana Hammers: Olive Global

“It is exciting to have a team from Haryana in the tournament as the city is a tremendous grappler’s town. We are thrilled to be a part of first Pro Wrestling League. We have arguably the best players in the world and I am hopeful of a great performance from the team and winning the league.” 

Mumbaiche Garude: Maverick Industries, Mafatlal, Garudacharya

“It’s our company's first foray into sports. PWL is a great concept that will see wrestlers who have till now played as individuals will fight for a win as a team. We look forward to a great season 1.”

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