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PWL: Promoters wrestle over players' contract delay and lack of government clearnace

THE MUCH-ANTICIPATED Pro Wrestling League (PWL) is slated to kickstart in early December, but the promoters, Pro-Sportify are yet to get their hands on player agreements.

The auction for the league was held earlier this month, but the respective franchise owners still haven't got their icon wrestlers to sign the contracts. 

"We have been told the contracts are being drawn up, but it is the job of the federation and promoter to get it done. One goes to an auction with the assumption that the product has been acquired. As of now, I can’t do anything as we don’t have a contract. Obviously, for some reason if I don’t get the player, it will make me upset and it will be dealt with in a manner it needs to be,” a franchise official told Hindustan Times.

On Wednesday, a meeting comprising of Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) chief, Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, PWL governing council chairman GS Mander and Sunil Kalra, CEO, PWL was held to discuss changes related to the contentious clause of player payments. 

It was decided that 20-30 percent of the total pay would go to the players 30 days from the end of the league. However, the WFI president has now requested the clause to be done with. 

“I have told them (promoters) to change it, the rest is up to them,” said Brij Bhushan, in the HT report.

The league will also require relevant clearances from the ministry of external affairs and home affairs, since foreign players are also involved. 

“I agree there have been delays, but we can’t complain. As of now, we are in the process of getting passport details of the foreigners. Once that is done, we will send it along with the letter to the sports ministry, which will send it to the ministries. I don’t foresee any problem in getting clearance,” said Mander.


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