SWING AND A MISS: Virat Kohli says Hopper HQ report on his Instagram earnings is wrong

FANS WERE SURPRISED to hear how much Virat Kohli earned from endorsements per Instagram post, and it seems so far Virat Kohli himself.

A few days back, an analytical firm called Hopper HQ published a report on top earning athletes on Instagram. It listed Kohli as the most popular Indian, 14th overall in the world. According to the report, he earns Rs 11.45 crore per Instagram post.

However, the Indian cricket and RCB legend has taken to social media to reveal that the claim made by the company is not accurate.

This is not very unsual, as many of the so-called "reports" from analytical firms about celebrities' net worth and earnings are basically vague estimates that are often way off the mark.

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