A Royal Challengers Reunion: Virat Kohli hopes to meet Chris Gayles in West Indies

VIRAT KOHLI CAN'T wait to meet Chris Gayle during the West Indies tour.

Talking about the explosive West Indies star batsman, who shared a dressing room with Kohli at Royal Challengers Bangalore for six years, Kohli told Star Sports, 

"I have hung out with him for so many years. I am sure that when we are in Jamaica, we will definitely go and meet Chris. He always invites the team home to have a good time and just chill out...  I am sure he is going to do the same again if he is in town. Everyone loves him. We went last time as well to his place, we had a great time and he is such a humble guy. Definitely, if he is free and he is in town, sure we are going to catch up with him."

Few can forget the impact Kohli and Gayle had during their IPL days, especially as openers. Their 147 run opening partnership against Punjab has become a part of IPL folklore.

If these two old stars meet up again, it may give their fans one more memory to be nostalgic about.

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