Carbonmania: fans aren't happy about Virat Kohli's private flight

VIRAT KOHLI FLEW BACK from West Indies to India on a private chartered flight. Then, all carbon broke loose.

He posted about his journey on social media, thanking the airplane company, as one would after finishing the odd Test & ODI series on the other side of the planet.

Photo Courtesy - Virat Kohli (Instagram)

However, environementally conscious fans were quick to express their disappointment that the Indian cricket team and Royal Challengers Bangalore star would use a private flight and cause so much carbon emissions.

Virat Kohli is used to getting blamed every time India plays badly. But at least, till now, he was safe from being blamed for the big stuff like climate change. But perhaps that's going to change now. So next time the temperatures get too high or there's a lack of timely rainfall somewhere, he better watch out because the blame game would follow him to the end of the world, no pun intended.

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