Eagled eyed fan spots MS Dhoni driving his muscle car in Ranchi

IT'S WELL KNOWN that former India captain MS Dhoni has a gigantic collection of cars and motorcycles.

Not long ago, Venkatesh Prasad was almost dumbfounded when he first saw his massive garage full of the best automobiles from around the world.

But his distinct cars seem to have made him so distinguishable on the road that eagle-eyed fans spot him whenever he steps out of the house for a drive.

Recently, when he was driving his red Pontiac Trans-Am 1973 muscle car on the streets of Ranchi, a fan saw him, and posted a video on the internet.

The car is rare in India, and its distinct design as well as the powerful sound its engine produces make it stand out from others.

So, whenever the people of Ranchi see an exotic car like that roaring its way down the road, Dhoni is the first person they think of.

So, seems like it's not going to be easy for Dhoni to have anonymity even when he's inside a car.

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