Which is the most successful IPL team ever? Bravo and Pollard want to 'settle the debate'

WITH THE HONOUR of winning the most IPL titles now tied between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings, the debate over who is the most successful franchise in IPL history is catching fire among the fans.

And two of the biggest stars in the history of CSK and MI, Dwayne Bravo and Kieron Pollard, decided to weigh in on the debate with their own arguments shared in a video on Instagram.

Bravo and Pollard engaged in a hilarious back and forth, the two compared their own trophy records, the record of success their former teams have to their names, and asked the fans to "settle the debate" over who should get the bragging rights of being the most successful IPL team.

While at first glance, CSK seem to have an edge over MI due to reaching the IPL finals 10 times compared to the latter's 6 times (despite playing two seasons less), that may not be the decisive measuring stick for success according to Mumbai Indians fans.

The debate is expected to rage on until one of these two teams take a lead in the trophy tally in future seasons, but for now fans can sit back and enjoy the banter between these two incredibly popular teams that seems to have drawn in the stars of the game.

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