Yogi Babu in Chennai Super Kings? MS Dhoni has a hilarious answer

MS DHONI EXPERTLY handled a peculiar request from an actor at the trailer launch of his first film as a producer.

Yogi Babu, who is a part of Dhoni's debut produced film 'LGM' (Let's Get Married), asked the CSK captain if he can be a part of the IPL franchise's roster.

Dhoni replied,

"I know very well that Yogi Babu is interested in cricket, and I can negotiate with the CSK management to include him in the team. But on one condition which is that Yogi Babu should give a proper call sheet at the time of playing the match and also come regularly for the practice, if he agrees then I am ready to talk to the management... I'll tell you, you have to play consistently. They bowl very fast and they bowl to injure you only. So you will have to decide if you really want to join."

The response caused a roar of laughter in the hall and ever since fans have been having fun with it on social media; turning it into a source for further memes and jokes.

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