MS Dhoni seen playing 'Candy Crush' in viral video; the game sees major surge in downloads

MS DHONI GOT CAUGHT playing 'Candy Crush' on his iPad on a flight, and now the app is trending all over the internet.

A flight attendant posted the video of the former Indian captain, where he is seen playing the game on the flight to pass the time. In the clip, he graciously accepts some gifts from the air-hostess.

The video has gone viral and eagle-eyed fans identified the game. Now, legions of MSD fans are busy downloaing the game and trying it out for themselves.

Reportedly, the game's downlod numbers have skyrocketed and it received 3 million downloads within hours of the video going viral.

Candy Crush is a bit of a classic from the 2010s, when it was the number one game in the Apple and Google app stores for a while. Many fans have found it endearing that their favourite cricketer is still fond of the popular game, when most of its original players have moved on.

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