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Indian MMA: Manjit Kolekar gives update On her injury, will undergo surgery

INDIAN MMA star Manjit Kolekar has come out with an update about her injury and revealed that she will undergo surgery soon.

Manjit gave an update about her injury

Manjit was injured during her recent Super Boxing League fight against Asha Roka and the injury had stirred some controversy as well. To clear the air, Manjit has posted her MRI reports and criticized the people who try to sabotage the career of fighters.

You can read what Manjit wrote below:


As previously stated, I recently got the results of my MRI scan, and I will be undergoing an operation in the coming days. It was revealed that I had a hairline fracture, as well as an ACL injury, which will force me to undergo the surgery, and as a result, I will not be able to compete for a couple of months.

To all those who questioned my integrity as a fighter, I'm attaching the reports, so that you may have the decency to read up, and understand that every word and accusation has a consequence. I tried to explain, reason and finally, request certain people to understand my position, but it is quite clear to me that the individuals in the sport are only out for themselves.

Finally, I can't help but agree with Daniel Isaac sir, when he questioned the competence of a certain "commentator" few months ago. At least I have the decency to not take his name, who went out of his way to make it sound like I wasn't injured on national television, and was taking the easy way out.

I understand that certain people want to create "stars" in the sport. That doesn't - and shouldn't mean you try to sabotage someone else's career. The reports are there for everyone to understand, and they can come to their own conclusions. To my fans who have stood beside me through this entire ordeal, thank you. I will continue to fight for you - even against my own countrymen, whose sole agenda has been to discredit me as a fighter.

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