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Mumbai Marathon gets a new look; registrations are now open

PROCAM International, pioneers of the distance running movement in India, today announced that the iconic Mumbai Marathon is now – the TATA Mumbai Marathon. The salt to software enterprise, Tata Group, with over 100 independent operating companies, will be the title sponsor of Asia’s most prestigious and one of the world’s top 10 marathons. The Tata Mumbai Marathon will be jointly sponsored by the Tata Group and Tata Consultancy Services, one of the world’s leading IT and consulting organisations for a period of ten years. The USD 405,000 event, in its 15th edition, will keep its date with runners in Maximum City for the third Sunday of January 2018.

Mumbai Marathon gets a new look and a new sponsor

Speaking on the occasion, Mr N. Chandrasekaran, Chairman, Tata Sons, said,

“We are delighted to become the title sponsor of the Tata Mumbai Marathon from 2018. Events like the marathon promote values like grit, tenacity, excellence, perseverance, belief, commitment, and passion that have been a key part of the Tata Group's ethos since its inception, almost 150 years ago. Partnering with India's premier long-distance running event is a great way for the Tata Group to increase our engagement with the community, raise funds for charity as well as create societal awareness about the necessity of good health and fitness. As a marathoner, I’m personally proud to support this partnership." 

The timely innovations and enhancements that the event has undergone over the years, have contributed tremendously to the upswing of the worldwide status of the Tata Mumbai Marathon.
Celebrating this landmark year and the new association, the event launched the new logo embracing the true spirit of the host city and running.  The inspiration for the new logo of the Tata Mumbai Marathon is the Mumbai city and its seven islands. From the space, inside the ‘seven islands of Mumbai’ emerges the shape of a runner, energetically moving forward like the bustling city itself. The logo’s vibrant colours represent a celebration of the diversity – the true spirit of a cosmopolitan Mumbai.
 Keeping in mind the popularity of the Dream Run and to give a fillip to the emerging runner community, for the first time, there will be a 10K timed run exclusively via charity. This timed 10K Run is available only for participants above 15 years of age, who want to make a difference by running for charity. The application form for charity running places will be available with the NGOs registered with the Event’s Philanthropy Partner, United Way Mumbai. Charity running places will not be available after 30th November 2017 or as soon as running places are filled, whichever is earlier. 
To encourage, young aspiring runners, within the 10K category, there are a limited number of running places reserved for applicants, between 15 years and less than 18 years of age. The Charity Criteria will not be applicable to this section and these running places will be accepted on first come first served basis via online registration at
For all the women participants, who do not have a timing certificate and are eager to join the running band wagon, a limited number of seats are also reserved for them via charity. 
Considering the improving quality of women runners and to motivate and encourage more participation, limited number of running places are reserved for women applicants in the half marathon category, who will need to submit a timing certificate to receive confirmation. Applications under this criterion will be accepted until 30th November 2017 or as soon as running places are filled, whichever is earlier.
Another embellishment to the Tata Mumbai Marathon is the exclusive 'Event Anthem' that has been composed by the dynamic duo Salim–Sulaiman and sung by the energetic Sukhwinder Singh. The lyrics of the anthem have been penned by noted lyricist and Padma Shri awardee,Prasoon Joshi. The ‘Anthem' titled ‘NikalPadothoMumkin Hai’was launched with a live performance at a power-packed launch conference. 

 One of the greatest sporting icons, ‘King’ Haile Gebrselassie graced the launch of the event. His passion for the sport, his amiable personality and love for the event added charm to the evening. 
The greatest sporting icons, ‘King’ Haile Gebrselassie said,

“My memories from the Mumbai Marathon back in 2013 are nothing but amazing, the passion, the euphoria and magic on that Sunday morning was mesmerizing and I am so happy to be back here today. It’s incredible how a running movement can bring about a positive change in society. It inculcates a sense of pride among citizens and unites everyone for a better civil society.
In the last couple of years, I have seen India’s growing influence as a global running destination; the increasing number of races and participants here, is testimony to the growing pool of talent available, and the potential for India to be a force to reckon with in the sport of running. With a global leader like the Tatas taking on the mantle as a title sponsor, the event is sure to grow from strength to strength in the coming years.”

 Mumbai Marathon’s Face of the Event, John Abraham on his association with the event said,

“It is a proud moment for each one of us to be associated with the Tata Mumbai Marathon, as we celebrate the 15th year of the event. A concept that was launched 15 years ago, has today become a movement across the country. It is a platform that encourages the spirit of giving, as much as it teaches one the joy of living. The glory of this marathon is reflective of a heroic quality, which is symbolised by the thousands that participate and run alongside each other, and we are sure that the numbers will only increase each year!” 

Anil Singh, MD, Procam International said,

“The Tata Mumbai Marathon today is a phenomenon that has sparked a health and fitness revolution across the country and has become a springboard for Indian long and middle distance runners. At the same time, it has become a beacon of humanity and compassion as the largest platform for charity fundraising. Today as we announce the launch of registrations for the 15th edition, we share our joy and success with the Tatas coming on board as the title sponsor. In the Tatas, we couldn’t have found a better partner to take this journey ahead!”

Singh added,

“We would also like to extend our gratitude and take the opportunity to thankour sponsors and partners, civic and state machinery and the ever-growing and supportive runner community that comes from across the world, all of whom have contributed to its success and popularity. On this auspicious note, we are proud to announce the registrations open for the 15th edition of the Tata Mumbai Marathon.”

 The Dream Run registrations will open on Tuesday, 29th August 2017, from 10 am and close on Thursday, 31st August 2017or when filled, whichever is earlier.
The Senior Citizens’ Run and Champions with Disability will open on Friday, 1st September 2017 and close on Saturday, 9th September 2017, or when filled, whichever is earlier.

The Timed 10K Run will be prioritized in four line up sections on race day as per their timing certificates submitted during registration, namely under 1 hour; 1 hour to under 1 hour 10 minutes; 1 hour 10 minutes to under 1 hour 20 minutes and 1 hour 20 minutes and above.

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