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Indian MMA: Farhan Siddique and Swapnil Barve Conduct MMA awareness seminar for NCC cadets

INDIAN MMA FIGHTERS Farhan Siddique and Swapnil Barve from Team Dheeth in association with Outraw Training Academy, an MMA gym based in Mumbai, conducted a self-defense and MMA seminar for the NCC Cadets at the CKT College in Panvel.

Swapnil and Farhan conducted an awareness seminar for the NCC cadets 

The main motive of the seminar was to create awareness about Mixed Martial Arts and Self-defense among the students. The ability of children to adapt and learn new things was stressed during the session.  

“Training of Mix Martial Arts should be considered as a mandatory subject in every school, especially in government schools, since childhood like all other subjects. Self-defence training for females should be given an utmost importance to make them capable of fighting back rape or Injustice happening in today’s world. And spreading awareness of jiu-jitsu is important as it is the best art on ground to defend rape” The duo mentioned in a statement given to TFG MMA.

Swapnil, who is a former cadet of NCC said that it was like reliving his childhood days once again.

“MMA is like a meditation that has changed the life of many and will continue to do so. As the rate of depression, suicides and rapes are increasing day by day, it is necessary for us to engage ourselves into Fitness and learning different forms of MMA. Like all other countries, India should also consider this form of art as one form of sport and that will be only possible if every other person irrespective of their age, gender and financial status,  step forward in gaining knowledge and proper training in this field.” Swapnil and Farhan added.

The event drew a huge crowd and the fighters were awarded a trophy of honor for their efforts by the commanding officer of NCC Maharashtra. Swapnil and Farhan were part of the Indian amateur MMA team that toured Bahrain recently with Farhan picking up a win at the 70KG.

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