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CTL to commence its season 2 in Mumbai as the home team takes on Punjab on Day 1

THE CHAMPION TENNIS LEAGUE 2015 will commence from November 23rd 2015 and will see 13 matches played over a 2-week period.  CTL will feature six city based teams across India. The teams for this year’s edition are Mumbai Tennis Masters, Punjab Marshalls, Raipur Rangers, Hyderabad Aces, Nagpur Orangers and V Chennai Warriors.
The teams will be structured into two zones, each having three teams, where all teams play each other in a home and away format. Mumbai, Punjab and Raipur are in Zone A, Hyderabad, Nagpur and Chennai are in Zone B.
The teams earning the highest number of points in their respective zone will play each other in the grand finale on December 6th 2015 to win prize money of Rs. 1 crore. The runner-up will win Rs. 50 lakhs.

Date City Team 1 Vs Team 2
23-11-15 Mumbai Mumbai Vs Punjab
24-11-15 Mumbai Mumbai Vs Raipur
25-11-15 Chennai Chennai Vs Hyderabad
26-11-15 Chennai Chennai Vs Nagpur
27-11-15 Chandigarh Punjab Vs Raipur
28-11-15 Chandigarh Punjab Vs Mumbai
29-11-15 Hyderabad Hyderabad Vs Nagpur
30-11-15 Hyderabad Hyderabad Vs Chennai
01-12-15 Raipur Raipur Vs Mumbai
02-12-15 Raipur Raipur Vs Punjab
03-12-15 Nagpur Nagpur Vs Chennai
04-12-15 Nagpur Nagpur Vs Hyderabad
05-12-15 Break Day      
06-12-15 Hyderabad Team 1 Vs Team 2


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