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Six teams to battle it out over next 2 weeks for CTL-2 title and Rs 1 crore prize money

(L-R) Thomas Johansson (Hyderabad Aces), Rainer Schuettler (V Chennai Warriors), Richard Krajicek (Mumbai Tennis Masters), Vijay Amritraj, Founder and Chairman, Champions Tennis League, Greg Rusedski (Punjab Marshalls), Alex Corretja (Nagpur Orangers), Thomas Muster (Raipur Rangers) 

CHAMPIONS TENNIS LEAGUE, the brainchild of legendary tennis ace, Vijay Amritraj, formally announced the commencement of the second season in the presence of the 6 team captains -- Richard Krajicek, Greg Rusedski, Thomas Muster, Thomas Johansson, Alex Corretja, and Rainer Schuettler.

“I am excited as we get set to start the second edition of CTL. We have a really good line-up of the best Indian and International players who are ready to take this world class talent to six cities in India, especially our new cities Nagpur and Raipur. CTL 2015 will definitely live up to its promise to be Bigger, Better and Stronger!” Amritraj said.

As in Season 1, CTL will feature six-city based teams across India. CTL will see 13 matches played over a 2-week period from November 23rd 2015 to December 6th 2015 with finals being played in Hyderabad. The teams will be structured into 2 groups, each having 3 teams, where all teams play each other in a home and away format. Mumbai, Punjab and Raipur are in Zone A, Hyderabad, Nagpur and Chennai are in Zone B. The team with the highest number of games won in their respective group will play each other in the grand finale to win prize money of Rs. 1 crore. The runner-up will win Rs. 50 lakhs.

Gates for all matches open at 6 pm and matches will be held from 7 pm to 10 pm.

Date City Team 1 Vs Team 2
23-11-15 Mumbai Mumbai Vs Punjab
24-11-15 Mumbai Mumbai Vs Raipur
25-11-15 Chennai Chennai Vs Hyderabad
26-11-15 Chennai Chennai Vs Nagpur
27-11-15 Chandigarh Punjab Vs Raipur
28-11-15 Chandigarh Punjab Vs Mumbai
29-11-15 Hyderabad Hyderabad Vs Nagpur
30-11-15 Hyderabad Hyderabad Vs Chennai
01-12-15 Raipur Raipur Vs Mumbai
02-12-15 Raipur Raipur Vs Punjab
03-12-15 Nagpur Nagpur Vs Chennai
04-12-15 Nagpur Nagpur Vs Hyderabad
05-12-15 Break Day      



Hyderabad Team 1 Vs Team 2


Champions Tennis League 2015 Game Format

Champions Tennis League is pleased to announce its Game Format for 2015. Six teams across six cities in India will go head to head for winning one of the most exciting leagues in tennis. The teams are structured into two groups, each having 3 teams, where all teams play each other in a home and away format. The team with the highest number of points earned in their respective groups will play each other in the grand finale to win a prize money of Rs. 1 crore.  The runner-up will win Rs. 50 lakh.

 Two teams competing against each other is called a tie.

  •  Each tie consists of 5 sets.
  •  Winner of the set is the player/doubles team that wins 5 games first.
  •  All games are no ad
  •  Winner of the tie will be the team that wins the highest number of games across all 5 sets.
  •  Each team earns 2 points for a tie won, 1 point for a draw in case of a complete rain washout and 0 points for a tie lost.

Order of Play

 Legends’ Singles

 Women’s Singles

 Mixed Doubles (Played by the ATP player and the WTA player)

 Men’s Doubles (Played by the ATP player and the Indian player)

 Men’s Singles

CTL Factor

 No-Ad scoring at Deuce - At Deuce, the returner will choose the side he wishes to receive from, and a single point will be played. The winner of the point will win the game. In a doubles set, the deuce point will be served by a player to the other player of the same category

 Tie-breaker is played at 4 games all

 The tie-breaker is a 9 point tie-breaker and counts for 1 game in the set

If the tie-break score reaches 4 all, the player who served second in the tie-breaker shall serve to the receivers choice of side for a final point, the winner of that point being the winner of the tie-break and hence the Set. 

 The winner of the Tie will be decided by the Team that wins the highest number of games across all 5 sets of the tie

 Super Over Time: If Team ‘A’ is leading by 8 games going into the last set/match of the tie, and Team ‘B’ wins the last set by the score 5-3, Team ‘A’ is still leading by six games. The players of the last set/match will continue to play. The deficit could become a tie, at which point, a 9 point tie break will decide the winner. Although, if Team ‘A’ wins one final game when they are ahead, they close the set/match out and hence seal the win on the entire Tie. 

 CTL Super Point:  The junior players in each Home Team get the chance to win their team a maximum of 5 Super points through the course of each tie. The junior boy and girl from the visiting team will challenge their counterparts from the Home Team by placing a stationary target anywhere on the service line of the opposite court. The juniors get 5 chances in all (3 for the junior girl, 2 for the boy) to hit the target with a serve. Each target hit will earn the Home Team a point which can be redeemed by the Home Team Captain through the course of the tie with a maximum of 1 point per set.

Zonal Champions – Priority to determine zonal champions

 Highest number of points earned at the end of the league stage

 If the number of points earned are equal, the highest number of ties won at the end of the league stage will decide the winner.

 If the number of ties won are equal, then the highest number of games won will decide the winner.

 If the number of games won are equal, then the head to head result between the two teams will decide the winner.

 In the event that teams are tied on all the above parameters, a coin toss will decide who progresses to the finals.

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