'He loves that job' - KKR star Rinku Singh can't get his father to quit working and rest

RINKU SINGH'S EXPLOITS in IPL 2023 has turned him into an instant star among Indian cricket fans, but he still remains down to earth, just like his family.

The Kolkata Knight Riders batsman who came up under difficult financial circumstances told PTI that even though his success in cricket has brought in enough money to change his family's fortunes, his father refuses to choose a life of rest and relaxation,

"I told Papa that you can relax now. But he is still hawking cylinders. He still loves that job. At one level, I understand his part also. If he starts relaxing at home, he starts relaxing at home, he will get bored instantly. If someone has worked all his life, it is difficult to tell him to stop unless he wants."

Photo Courtesy - IPL

Now we know where Rinku Singh's unshakable work ethic on the cricket field comes from.

The family is happy for Rinku's success, though. The KKR star added,

"Obviously my parents, brothers, my childhood coach (Masood Amini), everyone is happy. It was a collective dream."

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