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FIBA Women's Asia Cup -- India to begin campaign on 27th September

THE INDIAN NATIONAL WOMEN'S BASKETBALL TEAM will begin their quest for continental supremacy on 27th September.

The 2021 edition FIBA Women's Asian Cup will take place in Amman, Jordan, beginning on the 27th of September featuring a total of 8 competing nations including Australia, China, Chinese Taipei, India, Japan, New Zealand, Philippines and South Korea. In the preliminary round, India have been placed with Japan, South Korea and New Zealand.

Photo Courtesy - BFI

The three matches India will play in this round will take place as follows:

27th September: Japan vs India
28th September: India vs South Korea
29th September: India vs New Zealand

If India manage to finish at the top of the group they will go straight to the semi-finals. If they finish second or third, they will enter the knockout playoff round on 30th September where a win will get them into the semis which will be played on 2nd October.

If India finish at the bottom of the group they will compete to earn the 7th place on 30th September. If they make it to the playoff round but lose, they will play on 2nd October for the fifth place. If they reach the semis but lose, they will fight for the 3rd place on 3rd October. But if they win the semis, 3rd October will see them appear on the grand finale.

The last time India reached the preliminary stage was in 2019 when the tournament was held in Bengaluru. India finished the competition in the 8th place.

So far, India's best performance came in 2013 when they finished 5th, just shy of a place in the semi-finals. 

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