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We are here to win sounds India defender Salam Ranjan Singh

LESS than a day away from India’s first game of the 2019 Asian Cup, for the players it is all about mental preparation now. In the U.A.E. where the Asia’s major tournament is being held, India is part of Group A. India will face Thailand in the first of three games in the group stage.

Defender Salam Ranjan Singh spoke to the media on his thoughts about the tournament and the teams that India will face.

“This is life’s biggest match for me. It is everyone’s dream to play at such a stage and I am lucky I am getting a chance to be a part of this”

On the defensive combination, Salam Ranjan Singh said the team has known each other for some time now and the understanding with each other is right.


Salam Ranjan Singh acknowledged India’s first encounter won’t be an easy one as Thailand are also a tough team.

Sharing on the environment back home with his family, the defender shared,

“In my family everyone has asked me to do my best. They also said such an opportunity does not come by too often so try and win”

Sandesh Jhingan and Anas Edathodika are experienced center-backs who will make it tough for other players to break in making it a healthy competition. Salam Ranjan Singh was up for the challenge and said,

“Sandhesh paji and Anas paji have been playing well. If it is my turn to perform, I too will give my best. Till then I will keep working hard and won’t give up.”

Along with U.A.E. as hosts, Thailand and Bahrian make up Group A in the 2019 Asian Cup. India are coming in the tournament after missing out in the last edition. Talking about the pressure on these young shoulders, Salam said,

“Pressure will be there but we have to stick to our task”

To sum it all, the central defender replied to the query about primary targets in the 2019 Asian Cup campaign,

“Initial target in to qualify from the group stage because we are here to win”



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