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Bethe Correia believes that Holly Holm is overrated

BETHE CORREIA and Holly Holm are all set to square off at UFC Fight Night 111 in Singapore. Ahead of the fight, Correia has started playing mind games with her opponent.

Bethe thinks Holm is overrated

In a recent interview with MMA Fighting, the Brazilian said that Holm is a bit overrated.

“As an athlete, I think she has a great potential, but I think she's a bit overrated. Against Ronda, she fought strategically and had a great performance, but all of her other UFC fights, in my opinion, were just good. Nothing spectacular. She’s overrated. Unlike her, I’m underrated. There are a lot of holes to beat Holly. She’s overrated. She’s a great athlete, but not as great as many people considered her to be."

She went on to add that she has the profile of a champion.

 “I draw good numbers. Win, lose or draw, I draw good ratings. Numbers don’t lie. People want to see me fight. It’s the Bethe effect. That’s why other girls are so jealous of me. I know I’m the type of fighter the UFC likes to become champion. Holly has charisma, too, but I have the profile of a champion the UFC likes."

The UFC Fight Night in Singapore takes place on June 17.

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