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WWE and ROH no longer talking about a potential sale

The Wrestling Observer notes that the talks between WWE and Ring of Honor about a potential purchase are now dead.

Talks between WWE and ROH are apparently dead now

Earlier, Ring of Honor COO Joe Koff had denied rumors of WWE making a deal to buy the promotion. In an interview with Chuck Caroll of CBS Sports, Koff noted that he is flattered and humbled by such rumors as it validates the work that ROH has done.

Koff concluded by saying that he is open to business deals regarding the tape library of ROH as it would help the promotion to grow further.

The rumors about WWE buying Ring of Honor came as a big surprise to many. Ring of Honor is still a hot promotion and WWE’s purchase of them would’ve opened a lot of possibilities. But now that the talks are reportedly dead, we might have to wait to see if the deal would go through in the future.

WWE getting access to the ROH tape library, meanwhile, is a real possibility. There would be tons of ROH content that would interest WWE as having all these on the WWE Network would attract more subscribers.