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WWE SmackDown Live: Best and Worst of the Show

Since the brand-split, WWE’s SmackDown Live has predominantly been the better show in the eyes of the fans as well as the critics. However, for the past few weeks, RAW has been eclipsing the fan-favourite blue-brand of the WWE. Today was the go-home show for the upcoming SmackDown Live pay-per-view, Battleground. Thus, today’s SmackDown Live was expected to be a volatile and intense show to set-up the impending PPV.

SD had its fair share of good and bad moments

Though, it’s safe to say that this week’s SD Live was dull and monotonous. The storylines felt too stretched-out and repetitive. The fans basically got to witness the same old things in the “new era of WWE”. However, not every aspect of the show was bad, some segments were great and quite entertaining. Hence, let's dive into the razzmatazz that is SmackDown Live and separate the wheat from the chaff.