Pakistan limits players in foreign T20 leagues after Asia Cup debacle

ROCKED BY THEIR disappointing performance in the Asia Cup, the Pakistan Cricket Board has taken a quick step to solve the issues being faced by the team.

The Pakistani players who have a central contract with the PCB will now have a cap on how many overseas T20 leagues they are allowed to play.

Players in the A and A-Plus category - which are the most important players in the national team - will be allowed to play only one foreign T20 league apart from the Pakistan Super League.

The moves comes after many experts opined that playing too much T20 cricket caused Pakistani players to lose the rhythm and fitness required to fight through a 50 over match. The rising number of injuries were also seen as an expression of the same issue.

Earlier, PCB allowed players to participate in a seemingly unlimited number of T20 leagues in a move that was very lucrative for the players.

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