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An ode to Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Your arrival marked the introduction of pyrotechnics never seen before in India. 

You resurrected Indian cricket from a gravely situation in 2007.

Your unflappable vision & leadership made the country world beaters again after 28 long years. 

A few years later, your cabinet was replete with all trophies & crowns. 


Thanks a lot for ur love and support throughout.from 1929 hrs consider me as Retired

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Amidst the international fame, a generous city in India basked in your IPL glory & adopted you as their own. They call you- 'THALA' 
Like everyone else, you too had your share of detractors & naysayers. But your confident smile kept them at bay! 

And how you dealt with the media crap is an epitome of sheer nonchalance! 

Your numbers, accolades have no match. You re-wrote history with aplomb. 

You ruled the jungle and like a Lion have walked away on your own terms. 

We will miss your blue flavor. But please let us enjoy the yellow bit for some more time. 

I know there was a movie released on you, but an autobiography at some stage is what I am hoping for. 

I also know you are a private person, but please don't unfairly deprive us fans from knowing you a lot more. 

Well played. Well kept. Well led. 
Thank you, Mahi! 

Your ardent fan.

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