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CFL 2019 FULL MATCH -- Suhair, Britto braces help Mohun Bagan sail to a 4-0 win against Southern Samity

MOHUN BAGAN RE-ENTERED the top three of the Calcutta Football League with an emphatic 4-0 win over Southern Samity.

The Mariners, now with little chance of winning the league, were mostly playing to try out different combinations against a relegation-threatened Southern Samity. Playing in their home stadium, their biggest challenge was the weather, rather than their opponents.

Kolkata experienced heavy rains since morning, with many parts of the city being flooded, leading to a low turnout at the match. The game itself experienced disruptions due to some excessive rain during it; the referees had to suspend the match at one point as they waited for water to drain out from the pitch, before action could resume.

Although playing on a muddy, slippery surface, Mohun Bagan managed to get a rhythm going and picked up four straight goals, apart from a couple of missed chances and some woodwork-rattling. VP Suhair and Britto PM, both players hailing from Kerala, found the net twice each to give the Mariners a comfortable 4-0 victory.

You can watch the match right here, courtesy Sadhna News.

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