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Second Edition of Super Boxing League lands in Pune with its ‘SBL Road to the Ring’ Trials

The ‘SBL Road to the Ring’ contenders round of the Super Boxing League (SBL) season II, has reached the city of Pune, once home to the legendary Peshwas of Maharashtra. SBL – the only Indian professional boxing league is a World Boxing Council (WBC) sanctioned event and is owned by British business tycoon Bill Dosanjh and former Olympic Silver Medalist and World Champion British Professional Boxer, Amir Khan. The second edition of the SBL is scheduled to be held at Ludhiana, Punjab during September – November later this year. 

The ‘SBL Road to the Ring’ has so far traveled through Kochi, Bengaluru, Delhi, Karnal, Patiala, Jalandhar and  Manipur, collecting contenders from all the above mentioned states, who then get to compete in the final round to be held in the national capital. The Pune leg of the event will be held on May 29, 2018, at the District Sports Complex, Boxing Arena, Yerawada, Pune, Maharashtra.

Speaking about the initiative Founder of Super Boxing League, Bill Dosanjh said, “It is a great opportunity for us as an organisation as well as a country, to unearth latent boxing talent from all across India, who can then be developed into world class pro-boxers. We are now heading towards the second season of SBL and I feel it is high time that our country had more Neeraj Goyats storm the pro-boxing arena. It will be a process and will take some time but we are very positive about the results that we want to generate.”

The competition will see amateur boxers (state level or above and 18 years or more) competing through an open registration format for six top spots in six weight categories viz; Featherweight; Welterweight; Middleweight, Super Middleweight; Heavyweight; Women’s Flyweight. The top six spot earners (Five men and one woman)then get a chance to become one of the contenders by training under International and National coaches and under the watchful eyes of SBL, to become full-fledged professional boxers.

The Pune leg is expected to feature boxers competing in all the six weight categories through prior and on the spot registrations at the stadium to earn their spot to train for a chance to compete in the finals of the ‘Road to the Ring’ contest in Delhi. The best of these could then earn a chance to compete at the Super Boxing League Season II.

The ‘Road to the Ring’ contest will then move to Mumbai from Pune followed up by the round in Kolkata as the last stop for the series, before kicking off the final round in Delhi.

The criteria for the participation in the trials are as follows:

1) Medical certificates are needed for all the boxers participating

2) All the boxers should have the weight to suit their weight category

3) Need to fill in the registration form and sign the Indemnity form (Indemnity form to be signed where the fighters get in the ring at their own risk).

4) There are four rounds of three minutes.

5) An amateur or a professional boxer is welcome.

6) The Boxers need to be above 18 years of age to participate.

The series will also have on the spot registration facility at the stadium for the boxers who haven’t registered earlier.

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