CTL calls it Team Raipur, but the co-owner has a name for his franchise

THE CHAMPIONS TENNIS LEAGUE (CTL) is all set for the second season with their teams and the players all lined up for the second edition of the competition. CTL started with announcing two new teams:

But unlike the organisers who kept referring to the new franchise as Team Raipur during the entire duration of the players draft held in Mumbai yesterday, the co-owner Chinmay Tiwari knows very well what to call his team. He goes with the name Raipur Rangers. So, while CTL tweeted about the players Team Raipur had drafted, Tiwari did the same, but referred to the team with its name:

Till the official confirmation comes in we won't know if the team will be allowed to go with Rangers, or if it was just the co-owner's wishful naming!


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