CFL 2023 HIGHLIGHTS: Sougata shines as Southern sink Mohun Bagan

MOHUN BAGAN'S development team suffered their first loss of the season in Calcutta Football League thanks to an early surge from Southern Samity.

The Mariners have been undermined by their shaky defence before in CFL; and the same came back to bite them as Sougata Hansda scored 2 goals within 5 minutes midway through the first half.

Once they had the lead, Sothern managed to hold onto it by crowding the defence. With Bagan attackers missing a couple of sitters, things turned out to be quite manageable for them throughout the second half.

Southern Samity have received a major boost from this win; not only in terms of confidence but also the precious 3 points that took them 3 spots above the relegation spots.

For Mohun Bagan, it's the first loss of the campaign; but in retrospect, one that was coming. They are now 3rd on the table and fast losing the status of being the leaders of Group A. In fact, unless coach Bastab Roy turns things around, making it to the Super Six round may prove to be a struggle for them.

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