Superhuman Battleground's next MMA event to be held on July 23rd

SUPERHUMAN BATTLEGROUND ARE returning to the cage next month with their second MMA event at Superhuman Gym, Manipal.

The Karnataka based martial arts promotion has held two events so far. Their first event, held in February, was their debut MMA card which showcased 11 total fights including bouts in Mixed Martial Arts, Striking MMA and Kickboxing.

They followed it up with a two day grappling event in April which featured Brazilian Jiu Jiutsu tournaments, both gi and no gi, across weight classes spanning from 50 kg to 95 kg.

This, their third ever event, will see them return to the sport that gave the Superhuman Gym its recognition in the Indian martial arts circuits.

The event is scheduled to take place on 23rd July. It will feature a card that will focus on showcasing and platforming some of the most promising talents in Indian MMA's amateur circuits.

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