Superhuman Battleground to host mega grappling event this week

THE SUPERHUMAN BATTLEGROUND promotion is hosting a 2 day grappling event that will see Brazilian Jiu Jiutsu practitioners from around the country participate in several singles and team events.

The event, which will take place at Superhuman Gym in Manipal, Karnataka, will feature singles tournaments - both gi and no gi - in weight categories ranging from 50 kg to 95 kg. The weight classes will be separated by 5 kg each.

The gi and no gi competitions, which will feature almost 50 participants, will crown gold, silver and bronze medalists in every category.

On the 30th, a special team-based no-gi grappling event will also take place. The tournament will pit 4 teams of 5 players each, whose combined weight on the day of competition cannot exceed 350 kg. The matches will see one-on-one grappling take place, where each player submitted gets eliminated while the winner stays on the mat to face the next opponent. Whichever team the last man standing belongs to will get the win.

The winning team in the tournament will be awarded with a trophy.

This is Superhuman Battleground's first grappling-only event. The martial arts promotion, which began its journey in March, has previously hosted an MMA event. They plan to host several more fight cards in the coming months.

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