PBL 2017-18: WATCH -- Parupalli Kashyap's winning shot vs Sourabh that was a crucial win for Awadhe

AWADHE WARRIORS defeated Ahmedabad Smash Masters 4-3 and it was closely contest tie. Parupalli Kashyap was playing the trump for Awadhe and he was up against Sourabh Verma. Winning the match would have put Awadhe with a 3 point lead and losing would mean that their point will be deducted.

As the match began, Sourabh pulled in a surprise as he won the opening game putting Kashyap under pressure but the senior shuttler came back to win the second and push the match for a decider.

The final game was a neck-to-neck battle and the scores in the end read 14-14 and winner would take it all. With a great rally on display and mistimed shot and error from Sourabh saw Kashyap emerging as the winner and giving his team the needed lead.

You can watch the winning shot/point in GIF posted by PBL below:


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