ADVANTAGE ROYALS: One extra match in Singapore gives UAE an edge in IPTL finals race

AFTER SUCCESSFULLY ENTERTAINING tennis fans in Kobe, Manila, Delhi and Dubai, the second edition of the International Premier Tennis League (IPTL) draws to a close in Singapore. Into the fifth and final leg of the tournament, the defending champions Indian Aces are certain to make the finals on December 20. 

Meanwhile, the Singapore Slammers, UAE Royals and Philippine Mavericks are all in with a shot to seal the second spot in the finals. Sadly for the Japan Warriors, their horrendous run in the IPTL had shut the door on them. 

While the Slammers finished off the Dubai leg on a high by winning two consecutive matches and are placed second on the points table with 52.4% of games won. On the other hand, the Royals too, aren’t far behind with games won percentage of 49.4. The Royals have also been lucky to have played an extra match this season.

As per the rule:  Due to the odd number of teams through this Season, one team plays an extra match. That team will be allowed to drop their score on any one match through the Season provided they inform this intent soon after the match is completed. 

Therefore, this season, the Royals will play 11 matches overall while the other four teams will play 10 matches each. Sticking to the rules, the Royals have also dropped their score against the Mavericks (18-29) on December 6, in Manila. However, the score for the Mavericks has been counted towards their Win Percentage.

Fortunately for the Royals, their defeat to the Mavericks (18-29) has been their biggest of the tournament and going by the above rule, that defeat has played no part in the current standings. Furthermore, the Royals will have two more opportunities in Singapore to grab a spot in the finals of the IPTL. 


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